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2022 SCOTUS Abortion Ruling: Pro-Abortion Attacks, Vandalism & Violence

Pro-Abortion Protesters Hit Pastors Outside Supreme Court And Go Free - 5/5/2022

Wisconsin Anti-Abortion Headquarters Reportedly Attacked With Molotov Cocktail, Vandals Spray Graffiti: 'If Abortions Aren't Safe Then You Aren't Either' - 5/8/2022

ROE RAGE: Pro-Life Group Attacked With Molotov Cocktails - 5/9/2022

Roe v. Wade War Continues With Arson At Oregon Right-To-Life Building - 5/10/2022

Concerned Women For America Office Vandalized By Pro-Aboriton Activist - 5/11/2022

'This Won't Stop Us': Pastor Refuses To Back Down After His Church And Others In Area Are Vandalized, Targeted Apparently By Pro-Abortion Faithful - 5/11/2022

Jack Posobiec Obtains Audio Of Violent Leftists Leaving Death Threats To Employees Of Pro-Life Group After Office Was Firebombed - 5/12/2022

Will The FBI Do Anything About The Alarming Number Of Attacks On Pro-Life Centers Following SCOTUS Leak? - 6/8/2022

Arsonist Firebombs Pro-Life State Legislator's Office - 6/14/2022

Domestic Terrorist Group Jane's Revenge Threatens Escalated Violence Against Pro-Life Ministries - 6/16/2022

It's Not Pro-Choice To Attack Pregnancy Centers That Offer Choices - 6/17/2022

Federal Agents Issue 'Urgent' Warning To Churches About Pro-Abortion Activists 'Night Of Rage' - 6/24/2022

Antifa, Radical Leftists Reportedly Call For 'Night Of Rage' In Wake Of SCOTUS Abortion Overturn: 'Enough Is Enought With Peaceful Protest' - 6/24/2022

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene Attacked By Unhinged Leftists Outside Supreme Court, Has To Be Rushed Away By Security (VIDEO) - 6/24/2022

'Night Of Rage' Protests Erupt Into Violence Across The Country: Fox News HQ Targeted, Fireworks Shot At Police, Pro-Life Woman Attacked, Journalists Assaulted - 6/25/2022

Weekend Of Violence Kicks Off As Rioters Assault Pro-Lifers, Explosion Booms Behind Police Line - 6/25/2022

Ten Arrested At Oregon Pro-Life Pregnancy Center During Violent 'Night Of Rage' Protest (VIDEOS) - 6/26/2022

Pics: Portland Police Release Photos Of Riot Damage Inflicted Over The Weekend - 6/27/2022

Harvard Law Instructor: SCOTUS Justices Who Overturned Roe v. Wade 'Should Never Know Peace Again; It's 'Our Civic Duty To Accost Them Every Time They Are In Public' - 7/15/2022

'Violence Has Been Overwhelming': Pro-Life Clinic Director Tells Senators - 7/17/2022

Supreme Court Asks For More Protection After Abortion Activists Threaten Them - 3/14/2023

Suspect Nabbed IN Firebombing Of Pro-Life Clinic After Dobbs Leak - 3/28/2023

Biden DOJ Throttled Arrests Of Violent Abortion Mob Surrounding Supreme Court Justices' Homes - 3/30/2023

Garland Suggests Justice Department Can't Arrest Pro-Abortion Vandals Because They Firebomb Pregnancy Centers At Night - 3/1/2023

Two Arrested After Campus Protest Against Pro-Life Speakers Turns Violent - 3/30/2023

Pro-Life Pregnancy Center Attacked By Pro-Abortion Group Who Left Blasphemous Message About God - 4/18/2023

EXCLUSIVE: DOJ Appreared To Minimize Leftist Role In Violent Pro-Abortion Attacks Ahead Of 'Night Of Rage' - 4/24/2023

FBI Offers $15,000 Reward To Arrest Abortion Activists Who Attacked, Vandalized Pregnancy Center - 5/11/2023