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Antifa: Attacks & Violence

WATCH IN AWE: You Won't Believe CNN's Spotlight On A Violent Antifa Member & Its Vulgar Message To A Conserative Media Figure - 5/6/2019

NEW THREAT: Antifa Plans Acid Attack On D.C. Free Speech Rally, Promises To Blind Attendees - 6/29/2019

AOC: 'Looks Like CBP Lied' About Facebook Group - 7/5/2019

POLICE PROTECT BLACK FEMALE TRUMP SUPPORTER From Violent White Antifa Terrorists In DC (VIDEO) - 7/6/2019

Armed Man Shot, Killed After Throwing Incendiary Devices At Washington ICE Detention Center - 7/14/2019

Antifa Activist Shot Dead Trying To Attack ICE Detention Facility - 7/15/2019

Portland Considers Ban On Masked Protesters In An Effort To Stop Antifa Violence - 7/18/2019

Antifa Member Who Attacked ICE Center Echoed Ocasio-Cortez's 'Concentration Camp' Language In Final Manifesto - 7/19/2019

The Dayton Ohio Terrorist Was ANTIFA Supporter - 8/5/2019

What Is Antifa And Who Finds It? - 6/2/2020

Antifa And Anarchists Have Hijacked Floyd Protests But Left Won't Admit It - 6/2/2020

431 Law Enforcement Officers Were Injured In The Black Lives Matter/Antifa War - 6/3/2020

Official Says Antifa Has Been Planning Anti-Government Insurgency Long Before George Floyd Death - 6/5/2020

Kenosha Police Reveal Most Riot Arrests Were From Outside The City- 8/31/2020

I Was In Antifa. Their Violence Won't Stop With 2020 - 11/18/2020

Not Even Media Is Safe From Antifa Violence: Thugs Attack Journalists Covering Conservative Conference - 6/20/2021

Antifa Violently Attacks Christian Worship Service, Then The Proud Boys Step In - 8/10/2021

KNIFE HORROR Man Stabbed As Hundreds Of Anti-Vaccine Protesters And Antifa Brawl Outside Los Angeles City Hall - 8/15/2021

Antifa Caught STABBING Patriot Protestors! - 8/16/2021

Antifa Militants Arrested, Charged For Physically Attacking Trump Supporters - And Accused Of Organizing Into Groups To Carry Out Crimes - 12/7/2021

Antifa Terrorist With Bomb Arrested And Gets Bond...January 6 Prisoners Remain Imprisoned - Where Is The Media Coverage? - 1/14/2022

One Woman Killed, Five Others Injured In Mass Shooting Involving Portland Antifa (VIDEO) - 2/20/2022

Antifa Militants Surround Lt. Nathan Sheppard After Shutting Down Portland Police Press Conference On Deadly Mass Shooting (VIDEO) - 2/20/2022

Trump National Security Council Official Received Report On Multiple Shooters And ANTIFA And ISIS Involvement In Las Vegas Shooting - 3/2/2022

Antifa Celebrates Attack On Indigenous Portland Coffee Shop That Was Set To Host 'Coffee With A Cop' - 10/6/2022

Leftist Militants Attack Conservative Students And Use Terror Tactics To Shut Down Turning Point USA Event At UC Davis - 10/27/2022

Antifa Thugs Attack Women Protesting Potential Placement Of Murderous Transsexual In Women's Prison: 'These Are The Kind Of Men We Want To Keep Out Of The Prison' - 12/6/2022

ANTIFA Calls For A 'Night Of Rage' In Georgia, Vow Violence After Justified Shooting - 1/20/2023

BREAKING: Son Of Democrat House Minority Whip Katherine M. Clark Arrested For Assaulting Cop During Boston Antifa Event - 1/22/2023

Antifa Targets 'Babies Lives Matter' Rally, Police Let Them Know That Wasn't A Good Idea - 5/14/2023

Antifa Member Who Was Arrested At Brawl Against Armenicans In Glendale Has Prior Arrest Related To Felony Child Sex Crimes - 6/9/2023

Another Violent J6 Prisoner Reveals He Is An Antifa Operative And Communist - And He Admitted It To FBI In Debriefing (Audio) - 6/29/2023

Photos Show Indicted Couple From 'Antifa Explosive Attacks' At Michael Knowles Event - 7/9/2023

"I Am Antifa!" - Portland Defense Attorney Declares Solidarity With Militants And Issues Threat Against Jurors During Andy Ngo Assault Case's Closing Arguments - Jury Then Finds Antifa Thugs NOT LIABLE Despite Overwhelming Evidence (VIDEO) - 8/9/2023

Judge Awards Journalist Andy Ngo $300,000 In Lawsuit Over Portland Attacks - 8/22/2023

Transgender Antifa Militant Charged With Detonating Explosive Outside Alabama Attorney General's Office - 4/12/2024

Radical Leftist Arrested For Detonating A Bomb Outside Alabama's Republican Attorney General's Office - Was Also Posting Stickers Promoting Antifa - 4/12/2024