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BLM (Black Lives Matter): Destruction

Black Lives Matter And Violent Leftists Burn Down Confederate Museum, Desecrate Confederate Statues In Richmond, Virginia (VIDEO) - 5/31/2020

Black Lives Matter Linked To 91% Of Riots Over Three Months, Study Finds - 9/17/2020

Louisville Black Lives Matter Rioters Smash Windows At Library, Throw Flare Inside (VIDEOS) - 9/24/2020

Model, BLM Activist: 'All Hell Will Break Loose' If Chauvin Not Convicted, Building Will Be 'On Fire' - 4/5/2021

Auto Shop Vandalized With Racist Graffiti, So The Owner Installed Cameras. Video Captured Two Black Suspects - 5/25/2021

National Black Power Convention Activist Says A Time To 'Kill Everything White In Sight' Will Soon Come - 6/1/2021

MOB TYRANNY: BLM Threatens 'Riots' And 'Bloodshed' If NYC Mayor Gets Tough On Crime - 11/11/2021

BLM Co-Founder Threatens 'RIOTS, FIRES And BLOODSHED' If THIS Happens - Secret Service On HIGH ALERT - 11/11/2021

Female BLM Rioter Learns Her Fate After Torching Police Cars During BLM Riot - 3/7/2022

Prominent BLM Activist Indicated On Federal Fraud Charges.  She Preemptively Blamed 'White Supremacy.' - 3/16/2022

Marxist BLM Terrorists Assaut Police Officers And Damage Akron Businesses During Riot OVer Jayland Walker Case (VIDEO) - 4/20/2023

Forgotten DC Riots Did Far More Than Physical Damage To America - 6/1/2023

Dove Partners With Morbidly Obese BLM Activist Who Destroyed A White Student's Life Over A Misheard Comment To Promote 'Fat Liberation' - 9/14/2023

Duo Plead Guilty To Burning Down Atlanta Wendy's During BLM Riot; Face No Jail Time And A $500 Fine - 12/4/2023