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January 6, 2021 Protest: Video Evidence: Set-Up Video Proof

Footage Reveals Capitol Police Removing Barriers Outside Of Congress, Enabling Protestors To Flow Through - 1/9/2021

INCREDIBLE VIDEO Shows Police Officer Leading Lethargic Leader of Protesters, Dressed In All Black, To Senate Chambers...Why? - 1/9/2021

THESE Videos PROVE The January 6th Committee LIED TO US - 3/7/2023

New Security Footage From Jan 6th Shows Capitol Police Officers...SHATTERS NARRATIVE! [VIDEO] - 11/18/2021

New Security Footage From Jan 6th Shows Capitol Police Officers Herding Protesters Inside As They Enter The Capitol [VIDEO] - 11/29/2021

Right Under Our Nose Is The Evidence That Jan. 6th Comish Is Fake News, Investigate This Footage - 12/17/2021

EXCLUSIVE: Videos Show Unindicted 'Suspicious Actors' Attacking Capitol On Jan. 6 - 5/20/2022

Revolver News Report: FBI Is Hiding Security Camera Video Of Jan. 6 Pipe Bomber Planting Bomb At DNC Headquarters - 8/4/2022

"Do Your Non-Uniformed Guys Have Any Identifiers" - SHOCKING Capitol Police Video Uncovered From Jan 6 Shows Undercover And Armed DOJ Onsite - IT WAS A SETUP - 2/18/2023

Video: January 6th Was A Police Riot, Cops Admit To Attacking 'Innocent' Protesters - 2/21/2023

Federal Court Asked To Unseal Undercover Police Video Allegedly Showing Officer Inciting Capitol Protesters On Jan. 6 - 2/22/2023

New J6 Footage Shows Officer Saying "They Set Us Up" - 2/22/2023

Tucker Carlson On Jan. 6 Video: 'I Know DECEPTION When I See It' - 3/8/2023

PURE EVIL: DOJ Responds To Tucker Carlson Video Footage Of Peaceful Q-Shaman Being Escorted Through US Capitol - Says It "Lacks Contect" - 3/13/2023

Prosecutor Admits DC Police Officers Acted As Provocateurs At US Capitol On Jan. 6 - 3/24/2023

'Go, Go, Go! Help Them Up! Push Them Up': New Leaked J6 Footage 'Shows DC Metro Cop Encouraging People To Go Towards The Capitol' - 3/26/2023

Two Years Later, Jan. 6 Video Footage Raises New Questions About Police And Prosecutors - 3/27/2023

DC Attorney Sued Over Alleged Stonewalling Of Jan. 6 Footage Release - 4/18/2023

FBI Concerned Jan. 6 Footage Would Expose Undercover Agents, Informants: Whistleblower - 5/18/2023

Lawmaker Probing J6 Security Failures: 'People Of Interest' May Have Withheld Critical Intel - 6/4/2023

J6 Unmasked: Footage Confirms Open Senate Door Allowed 300 To Enter Capitol - Just The News Now - 6/6/2023

IT WAS ALL A LIE: Here Are Six Videos That Show Capitol Police Moving Barricades, Opening Sets Of Locked Doors, Waving In Trump Supporters On January 6th - 6/6/2023

COLLUDING COP Caught Red-Handed on Camera LYING ON THE STAND! Stunning Partial Victory In J6 Trial VIDEO Shows It Was DC Cops Who Cut Tarps On Bleachers - Not Protesters! - 6/7/2023

Plainclothes Cops At Capitol During Jan.6 Riot, One On Video Exhorting Crowd, Key Lawmaker Says - 6/8/2023

EXCLUSIVE: Security Footage Undermines Key Claims In Police Report In Death Of Rosanne Boyland On Jan. 6 - 7/24/2023

J6 Celebrity Cop Appears Uninjured In New Video Despite Testimony He Was Going To "Die" On January 6 - 7/25/2023

WATCH: Seemingly 'Injured' Jan 6 Capitol Police Officer Walks Around... Uninjured?! - 7/28/2023

Is The Government HIDING Evidence Of Jan. 6 FENCE CUTTER? - 8/24/2023