October 1, 2015

Dear Liberty,


     Evolutionists and science fiction aficionados alike are rejoicing this week following NASA’s announcement confirming flowing water on Mars.  NASA has suspected for a long time that ice caps existed on Mars.  They just recently discovered in certain times of the year, which coincide with warm periods, that there are dark streaks on the surface.  NASA concluded these streaks are flowing water as they emit light waves consistent with water.  Without taking any actual samples, this can only be an educated guess.  It is also unknown where the water actually comes from, so these are just plausible speculations.  

     The NASA scientists have no concrete empirical evidence for their theories, but those theories are considered gospel by all who have enough faith to believe them.  This revelation provides enough evidence for them that life did or could exist on Mars.  Their childhood dreams of “My Favorite Martin”, “Mork & Mindy”, “Close Encounters of the Third Kind”, and “The Martian”, interestingly enough released Friday, could actually be true.  While all these productions are categorized as “Science Fiction”, too many opt to focus on the “science” part of that description instead of the more accurate “fiction” part.

     For decades man has gravitated to the idea that intelligent life exists somewhere out in the universe.   Evolutionist and atheist Richard Dawkins, knowing spontaneous generation was debunked by Louis Pasteur, contends aliens brought life to Earth.  (see The Science Is Settled)  What he can’t answer though, is how did the alien life-form begin?  Many, like Dawkins, choose to believe aliens built such structures as the pyramids and Stonehenge because they can’t explain them otherwise.  Accepting man was smart enough to design and construct such amazing architectural feats in a time when humans were supposed to be evolutionarily primitive would destroy the narrative of their entire belief system.  Man could not have been smarter thousands of years ago than he is now because he was not as evolved.  Otherwise, man would have had to have a period of devolving, which in the evolutionary world is not scientifically feasible.  

     Evidence of the possibility that the tiniest microbe may have the slightest chance to cling to life on some distant planet has elated the evolutionary world to new heights.  On the other hand, a 20-week-old fetus with a brain, a beating heart, lungs, kidneys, arms, legs, eyes, ears, fingers, and toes is just a parasite with only the potential to become a human being.  (see When Does Life Begin?)  Evolutionists have more faith in a minute chance of an organism spontaneously generating life on Mars than DNA evidence validating life beginning at conception.  (see The Science Is Settled)  Science supposedly still has yet to demonstrate that unborn children are humans, however scientists are desperate to use the body parts of murdered babies for scientific research to further knowledge of mankind.

     Bill Nye, The Science Guy, just released a video arguing that a fertilized egg must first attach to the uterine wall before it can become human.  PBS, his former home, says singled-celled organisms “are some of the most important life forms on Earth." A single cell defines life in evolution, but apparently not in human biology. If not at conception, when exactly when does a human become a human?  We have thousands of years of data proving that no human woman has ever given birth to anything other than a human baby, but scientists and media dismiss empirical evidence as inconclusive.  On the other hand, Climate Change hypotheses and theories based on computer models generated by manipulated and falsified data are unequivocally supported because it fits their personal worldviews.  Taking a moment to think logically, Liberty, who are the science deniers?

     The recent media reports quote NASA scientists consistently using words like “hypothesized”, “suspect”, and “theorize” throughout their statements.  Nevertheless they still confirm flowing water on Mars.  Furthermore, the director of planetary science at NASA, Jim Green, claims that millions of years ago Mars had “an ocean two-thirds the size of the northern hemisphere and a mile deep.”  He also surmised, “Mars suffered a major climate change and lost its surface water,” due to some mysterious catastrophe.  The mainstream media lapped it up without an ounce of journalistic curiosity as to how he scientifically concluded any of his findings.  Where is his evidence?  Where is the science?  It doesn’t matter because he brought in Climate Change.  Yet, they can look at a fully intact aborted baby in a petri dish and say it is not human life.

     A theoretical unidentified catastrophe on Mars goes unchallenged, but honest scientific evidence pointing to a global flood happening on this planet is tossed aside like an aborted fetus.  (see Leap Of Faith and Evolution Explodes)  Ignored are the nautical fossils found well above sea level.  Dismissed are the perfectly preserved fossils resulting from rapidly buried plants and animals indicating a massive flood.  Disregarded are impeccably maintained trees discovered spanning through several sedimentary layers that supposedly took eons to develop.  This fact alone blows the whole “millions of years” theory out of the water.  Trees could not have lived and grown that long to have numerous layers build up around them.  Yet the scientists presenting these facts are ostracized while those suppressing the evidence are given Pulitzer Prizes.  Again I ask, who is actually denying the science here?

     Liberty, what this all comes down to is very simple.  It began when Satan convinced Eve to take the fruit from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil.  (see Fruit Of The Forbidden Tree)  Sin immediately infested the human DNA with the impulse to reject God.  We cling to things that don’t make any logical or scientific sense while eagerly denying indisputable proof of God’s existence.  We cheer at the slightest possibility that life has the tiniest likelihood of existing on another planet, yet we vigorously challenge the life that actually exists right here inside our mothers, our sisters, our wives, and our daughters.  

     Abortionists are attacking the Center for Medical Progress (CMP) claiming their videos were edited, saying they are against women’s health and just want to stop Planned Parenthood  (PP) out of spite.  (see The Axis Of Evil and Evil Is As Evil Does)  Democrat Representative Nancy Pelosi, who receives large political donations from PP, refuses to watch the videos yet maintains they are doctored and wants the CMP investigated.  Abortion supporters are distancing themselves from the actual issue as much as possible, trying to distract the American public with insults, accusations and denials.  The leftist media, Democratic Party and Hollywood are doing all they can to help PP hide from the toxic truth of what they are doing.  God turned on the lights and the cockroaches are scattering, still trying to conceal themselves in the shadows.

     Intellectual curiosity has been abandoned for ideology and political correctness.  Through DNA, science proves a fetus is and can only be a human, yet those who profess this are called the science deniers.  Jim Green can declare water existed millions of years ago on a planet no one’s ever been to and he is heralded as brilliant.  Anyone daring to reject Green’s claim or just simply ask for any sort of evidence are also accused of denying science.  But how can you deny what hasn’t even been presented?  People will do whatever they have to do to disregard and reject God, even if it means accepting and defending the indefensible.

     Convinced it gives verification that God does not exist, many are desperately clutching to the remote possibility that life did or could exist outside of our planet.  Yet God is making it pretty clear that He is more in control than ever.  Throughout history God has been subtle when first calling His people back to Him.  Eventually, God puts the evidence plainly in our face.  It is no different today.  God is being so incredibly obvious.  It is not a coincidence that in the same week NASA speculates life’s faint chance on Mars, Planned Parenthood’s president is being questioned by Congress on their practice of selling baby parts.  Simply put, this is Creation vs. Evolution.  It is time to decide.  Are we going to believe facts or science fiction?  

     Liberty, it is easy to get caught up in the agenda driven propaganda being forced on people all over the world.  A narrative has been created for evolution, climate change and abortion, which has nothing to do with science.  Anyone diverting from this agenda is attacked and destroyed.  The primary strategy of name calling, such as “science denier”, “religious fanatic”, or simply “hater”, is just a way of shutting down opposition.    If that doesn’t work then the personal attacks and accusations begin.  Once these tactics are resorted to you know you have won the argument.  Notice the tactics have nothing to do with science?  That doesn’t mean the opposition has any intention of backing down though.  You must always search for the truth, seek out the facts and never be afraid to stand for, present, and defend them over and over and over again.  Because yes, there is intelligent life out there.  And we were made in His image.

     That’s my 2 cents.