April 1, 2016

Dear Liberty,

     Over the past two years, I have written several letters regarding Islamic terrorism, gun violence, cop killing, sexual immorality, abortion, eugenics, Planned Parenthood selling baby parts, Nazi’s crimes against humanity, same-sex marriage, slavery, and much more.  Sins such as these have existed from the moment Adam and Eve ate of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. (See Fruit of the Forbidden Tree) Ever since, societies have risen and fallen, often for the same reason.

     In the Bible, the history of the Israelites show us there were times of prosperity while serving God and showing faithfulness, followed by times of trouble and enslavement after turning from the Lord, worshipping false gods and openly embracing sin.  When they listened to God, they obeyed his instructions on expelling sin from the land.  When they turned from God and began boldly participating in sin and pagan religions, that is when their society disintegrated.

     Benjamin Franklin declared, “I am for doing good to the poor, but I differ in opinion of the means. I think the best way of doing good to the poor, is not making them easy in poverty, but leading or driving them out of it.” 

     Franklin was obviously discussing monetary poverty and was warning against such philosophies as socialism, communism and progressivism.  Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, and progressives in both the Democrat and Republican Parties are doing everything they can to make Americans easy or comfortable in their poverty.  When people are comfortable in their poor circumstances, they have no desire to pull themselves out of that pit.  At that point, they not only don’t resist the government’s strong hand controlling them, they demand it.  

     America use to be flooded by poor immigrants running from dictatorial and authoritarian governments, and looking for the opportunity to bring themselves out of their impoverished circumstances.  (see The Original Iron Man and Coming To America)  Now immigrants are flooding here illegally on the promise of being given everything for nothing.  Progressives began succeeding in their social acceptance of poor monetary welfare because they first succeeded in degrading our spiritual welfare.

     Let’s apply Franklin’s philosophy to the road we are on with our faith.  Since the progressives took a foothold in society with Woodrow Wilson and Margaret Sanger, we have become more and more comfortable in our moral poverty.  (see The Birth Of A Nation and Sanger And Eugenics And Socialism, Oh My)  Wilson used our education system to tear apart the truth of honorable leaders such as George Washington (see The Man Who Refused To Be King and God's Divine Providence), Thomas Jefferson (see Happy Independence Day and The Forgotten Midnight Ride), Benjamin Franklin (see Free Health Care The Biblical Way and Spirit Of Conciliation), and Abraham Lincoln (see Simple Solutions and Disunity Of The Union), leading us to disregard their ethical examples.    For over 100 years we’ve been taught America was stolen by rich, white men, began under false pretenses and our leaders were nothing more than lying, cheating, disgusting slave owners.  

     Sanger, a die-hard eugenist, used the cover of her company Planned Parenthood to further her desire to weed out the undesirables comprising of predominantly minorities, handicapped, and the mentally inferior.  (see Finishing The Master Race)  She started America down the course of killing primarily minority babies. However, along with her fellow progressives, her efforts also resulted in the breaking down of the family unit by negating personal and sexual responsibility. (see Sex, Lies, And Marriage)

     Sanger began her crusade by claiming birth control gave married women the freedom to limit the number of children she had.  Because of this freedom, more couples felt comfortable having sex before marriage.  Since society still held citizens to a moral code at the time, many felt the need to run to underground abortion clinics to commit another sin to hide the result of their sexual sin.  By the 1970’s, because of birth control, legal abortion and the feminist movement, women perceived a new found freedom to openly sleep with as many men as they wanted to.  No longer were women required to have a husband to have a family, let alone a lover.  The increase in promiscuity has directly resulted in the ease of abortions as a form of birth control.  (see Suffering In Utopia)  It is to the point that paternity testing has become a booming business because so many women have to prove who their child’s daddy is. In fact,  sometimes they need the test to find out themselves!  Many households have multiple children, each with a different father.

     As stated at the beginning, sexual sin didn’t just start in the last 40 years, just the social acceptance and societal breakdown of it did.  I am a product of a couple that got pregnant out of wedlock over 120 years ago.  In that case, though, my great-grandparents married and remained married for over 50 years.  There was repentance, forgiveness, responsibility, and renewal.  God knows we are not perfect.  That’s the whole point of Jesus having to die for our sins.  It is when we celebrate, praise, reward and make easy such iniquities that we spend every last spiritual dime we have.

     Our society has become so morally bankrupt, we praise lawbreakers and demean policeman.  (see Just The Facts, Ma'am)  Criminals have become innocent targets with the police being racist aggressors.  After the Supreme Court declared same-sex marriage legal, the LGBT community has viciously targeted Christian business owners who are trying to live their faith, while many cheer them on.  (see We Reserve The Right To Refuse Service and What Is Love?)  Hollywood liberals balked at a Georgia state law protecting churches from having to perform same-sex marriages, seriously challenging 1st Amendment rights to religious institutions.  Succumbing to the pressure of activists over religious freedom, the Governor has promised to veto the legislation.  Our president continues to excuse the actions of ISIS while they persist in their relentless massacre of Christians.  (see Holocaust: Then And Now)

     Until the 1990's, any presidential affairs and escapades were basically kept discrete and hidden, at least until their death.  During Bill Clinton's term, his sexual exploits were headline news for months.  Instead of being repulsed, many hung them on Clinton's chest like a badge of honor as opposed to a scarlet letter, excusing his actions as "just sex".  Today, many are actually excited a bogus sex scandal might destroy one professed Christian candidate while another's admitted affairs with married women and cheating on his wives is completely ignored.  The integrity of the most powerful office in the world is hanging on a thread.  When character stops mattering, the spiritual well is dry.  We are in trouble here.

     We have stopped calling sin and evil what it is.  Criminals have become victims and victims are vilified as the instigators.  Islamic terrorist acts are always lone wolf instances while a true lone wolf crime convicts all white, legal gun-carrying citizens.  If they can even remotely be tied to Christianity or conservatism, progressives have hit the jackpot.  Illegal aliens are catered to before even America’s own citizens are helped.  Government gives unwed mothers more and more money for each baby instead of making them uncomfortable in their situation, monetarily and spiritually.  Welfare has become the surrogate father, keeping women in perpetual poverty and worshipping at the altar of Government.   This doesn’t mean in any way we shouldn’t help them, again both monetarily and spiritually, but we shouldn’t be rewarding them either.  And the help should be coming straight from citizens and churches, not from the government tit.

     Everyone is a sinner.  God tells us that repeatedly in His Word.  We all make mistakes.  The difference is whether we feel we need to repent of those sins or not.  We are now at a point where people don’t feel sorry about pre-marital sex, lying, cheating, stealing, and even murder.  Many are so spiritually confused they don’t even believe they’ve ever done anything worth repenting for.

     Liberty, we are in a virtual tailspin in regards to our moral status.  We as Christians cannot give up hope or our fight on helping the poor.  We must continue to work to lead all who are spiritually insolvent back to the overflowing wealth of God’s love and forgiveness.  We must do what we can to drive people from their spiritual emptiness back into the graceful arms of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  We must emphasis the need and importance for forgiveness, instructing lovingly in the law so we can eagerly and joyfully reveal to them the awesomeness of God’s grace that will lead them out of their moral poverty.

     That’s my 2 cents.