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Trump/MAGA: Indictments 2023

- January 6  

     - Gag Order

     - Presidential Immunity

- Federal Classified Documents

- Georgia

     - Charged Co-Conspirators  

     - Fani Willis

          - Corruption

          - Phone Records

          - Relationship With Prosecutor

          - Relationship Witness Testimony

          - Willis & Wade Testimony

     - Grand Jury Against Trump

     - Indictment & Case  

     - Jeff Disantis & Biden Admin Connection

- New Jersey

- New York City - Braggs  

- See: Crime & Crime Prevention: Corrupt & Soros-Backed DAs & Attorneys

- See: Politics & Politicians: 2-Tiered Justice System

Remove Trump, The Multi-Indicted Candidate, From The Republican Presidential Debate! - (MoveOn.org) -

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