August 27, 2014

Dear Liberty,

     Benjamin Netanyahu, Israel’s Prime Minister, recently stated, “We [Israel] use missiles to protect our people, they [Hamas] use people to protect their missiles.”  

     The terrorists, knowing the liberal, anti-semitic media will turn a blind eye, launch their missiles from hospitals, schools, private homes and playgrounds confident that Israel will retaliate. Once the inevitable damage happens to the Palestinians, photographs of the injured and killed are quickly circulated as propaganda against the Jews.  That’s when the media and liberal politicians launch their own assault against Israel, never publicizing the initial attack from Hamas. Israel’s response is highly reported as brutality from the Jews on the Arabs, thus poisoning the opinion of Israel in the minds of citizens all over the world.  There are even incidents where Hamas’ own weapons cause the death and destruction, but they still blame Israel.


     Why?  Why is there such hatred of the tiny area about the size of New Jersey known as Israel by Arabs that overwhelmingly surround them of the Middle East?  And can it be solved by political opportunist that continually fail at peace since 1948?  Is it just because they want that little piece of land?  (see The State Of Israel)

     This is not a new hatred that developed when Israel was recognized as a country by the UN in 1948.  (see One World Disorder)  It’s essentially a family squabble over an inheritance that goes back to the first book of the Bible. It can be traced back to the Father of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.  It all goes back to Abraham.  

     God guaranteed Abraham that He would not only bless him and Sarah with descendants more numerous than the stars in the sky despite their advanced ages, His real covenant was humanity’s promised Savior would be one of those children.  In a moment of impatience and weak faith, Sarah sinned trying to “help” God by offering Hagar, a servant, to Abraham.  Abraham sinned by accepting Sarah’s idea and taking Hagar as a mate.  A child was produced, Abraham’s first, named Ishmael.  Before the baby was even born, tensions of jealousy and pride arose between Sarah and Hagar, a result of their sin of unfaithfulness in God’s promise that we still suffer from today.  Fearful of her mistress’ anger, Hagar ran away but was visited and comforted by an angel of God who promised she would be protected, so she returned to Abraham’s camp.  

     Ishmael was loved and nurtured by his father into his teen years before God decided it was time to fulfill his promise to Abraham and Sarah.  After the birth of Isaac, though Ishmael was raised in the faith of his father, he rejected God’s promise by mocking his half brother.  Sarah, who once offered Hagar to her husband, now demanded that same woman and her son be banished from the tribe fearing Ishmael would threaten the inheritance God promised Isaac.  Heartbroken at the loss of his son, God comforted both Abraham and Hagar by reminding them of His assurance of a great nation through Ishmael, which came true through the Arab people.

     Over the years, Ishmael and his descendants are referenced in the Old Testament, both settling and intermarrying with Isaac’s descendants.  Ishmael stood with his brother Isaac when their father died and they buried him together as siblings. Joseph, Isaac’s grandson, was sold into slavery by his brothers to Ishmaelites.  On the day of Pentecost, one of the tongues, or languages, spoken was Arabic, so God definitely did not withhold His promise of salvation from Ishmael and his descendants.  So what changed?

     Muhammad, a descendant of Ishmael, believed his ancestor was a prophet and the rightful heir of God’s promise to Abraham, not Isaac.  The most holy place for Muslims is Mecca, the traditional Muslim residence of Ishmael after his exile as well as Muhammad’s birthplace.  It homes the Kaaba, a square stone building supposedly built by Abraham on a visit to see Ishmael at Mecca.  

     During a 6-month journey of prayer and self-introspection, Muhammad claims he was visited by the angel Gabriel who gave him the words for the Quran.  Upon his return he began preaching his new religion.  After having to flee to Medina with his followers and frustrated that many were not converting, Muhammad began instructing his followers that if people refused to change, it not only pleased God but he commanded that they murder the infidels.  In fact, Islam preaches that if a Muslim dies for his faith while killing unbelievers, he will be greatly rewarded and their family would be held in high esteem.  

     This goal could not be more evident than by the current events happening in Iraq under ISIS control right now.  The Islamic extremists are not only killing Christians and other infidels in the towns they are overrunning, they are beheading their victims and placing the heads on fence pikes along the road.  In fact, these radical Muslims are so extreme they will kill other Muslims, whether it be Sunnis vs Shi’ites, or simply if they do not subscribe to the fanaticism of Islam and dare to dream of liberty and freedom instead of the shackles of Sharia Law.  Laws which, among other things, reduce the worth of a woman to that of mere property and allow corporal punishment at the whim of men instead of judges and juries.

     Jews, Christians and Muslims all believe in a monotheist, creationist God.  All believe Abraham existed and was favored by God.  All believe that Abraham had 2 sons, Ishmael and Isaac, and all believe the Torah is God’s law and guide for our lives.  At this point one path preaches peace and one path preaches war.  But even while Palestinians have it written in their charters that their goal is to eradicate every Jew off the face of the earth, Barack Obama rationalizes it is reasonable to tell Israel to “show restraint” while extremists in the Gaza Strip continuously attack their innocent women and children.  

     I want to believe that there are moderate, cordial Muslims that do not endorse this radical violence, but when I watch video of terrorists launching missiles from playgrounds and all the surrounding citizens are cheering knowing it’s mission is to destroy Israeli people, I have to question the idea of peaceful Islamists.  Citizens that cheer when captured infidels are murdered and dragged through the streets or celebrate when things like September 11, 2001, happens to America.  (see Never Forget)  What religion allows the beheading of James Foley, an American photojournalist, and defends themselves as peaceful?  

     Secretary of State Kerry tried to broker a cease-fire with some sort of compromising conditions.  One thing he did do is bring all parties together to laugh at and mock his ridiculous treaty.  The truth is Israel would love to end the fighting but how do you compromise with someone who wants to murder your entire race?  Agree to allow the extremists to kill just half of the Jews? Once that’s achieved, would they again demand to kill another half?  Even though there is a cease fire called at this time, it won’t be long before Hamas strikes again.  

     Jesus instructed his disciples to spread the Good News to every corner of the world.  If a town rejected their message, the disciples were directed to “wipe the dust from their feet” and move to the next city leaving the people to suffer the judgement of God.  Muhammad also instructed his followers to spread their faith across the world, but Muhammad required believers to take judgment upon themselves when one did not convert.  How does a rational person find compromise in these two viewpoints?  The same tensions continue today that existed between Sarah and Hagar all those years ago, but which path has shown to be more peaceful?  Which religion is more tolerant?  Which one do you think is more pleasing to God?  That being said, Muslims do not hate Jews as a religion per se, they despise Jews as a nation calling them pigs and producing children’s shows promoting the hatred and murder of the Israeli people.  

     Muslims will adamantly reject that their hatred of Israel boils down to birthright yet they have the same feud within their own faith.  When Muhammad died, leadership of the Islam nation was expected to fall to one of two followers: Ali, Muhammad’s cousin and son-in-law, or Omar, a Muhammad general.  Omar resolved the debate by killing Ali.  Sunnis, followers of Omar and 90% of Muslims, hate, fight and kill Shi’ites, followers of Ali, and vice versa, just like they would any other infidel.  

     This was all talked about 2000 years before Muhammad when Moses wrote “The Book”, which even Muhammad supported as stated above.  When Hagar left the first time, the angel of the Lord told her, “He [Ishmael] shall be a wild ass among man; his hand shall be against every man, and every man’s hand against him; and he shall dwell over against all his brethren.”  Genesis 16:12  In other words, Ishmael will live in opposition to all.  A trait Muhammad possessed as well as he believed in complete domination of the world in the Islamic faith.  Even Paul described the relationship and conflict between Sarah’s offspring, the son of promise to a free woman and Hagar’s, the son of flesh to a slave woman, approximately 600 years before Muhammad was inspired to write the Quran.

     Liberty, I am writing you this letter so you know the truth because it is being deliberately distorted in our modern history books.  You have to always seek out the truth, even if it means finding out facts that you don’t want to know.  As the Bible says, “The truth shall set you free.”  Though it is referring to the Good News of Jesus Christ, the phrase does ring true in a broader sense.  If you know the truth, not only will you be empowered to retain your liberty, you can pass that power on to others so they can keep theirs.  Even Jefferson understood the importance of knowing and understanding the truth which is why he recommended everyone read the Quran.  (see To The Shores Of Tripoli)  Not to be converted to Islam, but to understand what we are actually fighting against.  And Liberty, the information in this letter is only the tip of the iceberg.

     That’s my 2 cents.