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January 6, 2021 Protest: Video Evidence

- Full Release Of J6 Videos

- Jacob Chansley aka "QAnon Shaman"

- Set-Up Video Proof

Video They Don't Want You To See: Leftists Destroy DC After 2017 Inauguration - 2020

Footage Reveals Capitol Police Removing Barriers Outside Of Congress, Enabling Protestors To Flow Through - 1/9/2021

GOP Rep Shows Damning Video To AG Garland Of Suspected Federal Agent Who Entered Capitol, Incited Riot On Jan. 6? - 10/22/2021

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GOP Rep Shows Damning Video To AG Garland Of Suspected Federal Agent Who Entered Capitol, Incited Riot On Jan. 6? - 10/22/2021

Judicial Watch: DC Police Release New Audio, Video, And Photos From Investigation Of U.S. Capitol Police Killing Of Ashli Babbitt - 11/10/2021

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House Republicans Want To Release Video Evidence Debunking Democrat Claims About Capitol Riot - 5/24/2022

Crying Capitol Police Officer Aquilino Gonell HUMILIATED AS HE IS CAUGHT IN LIE AFTER LIE UNDER OATH! Likely Committed Perjury At January 6th Criminal Trial! MUST-SEE VIDEO Of Officer TROLLED Outside Courthouse! - 8/20/2022

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