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Tanzania Suspends Laboratory Head After President Questions Coronavirus Tests - 5/4/2020

Medical Researcher 'On The Verge Of Making Very Significant' Coronavirus Discoveries Found Shot To Death - 5/6/2020

Even This CNN Anchor Was Stunned When Obama's China Ambassador Made Outrageous Nazi Claim - 5/9/2020

FLASHBACK: Obama Played Golf The Same Day His Administration Declared H1N1 A Public Health Emergency - 5/16/2020

Nancy Pelosi Claims 'Faith-Oriented' People Stalled Aid Package Because They 'Don't Believe In Science' - 12/22/2020

Deep State Planning MAJOR False Flag Attack To Blame "Anti-Vaxxers" & Gun Owners -

New York Times COVID Reporter Says It's "Racist" To Discuss Wuhan Lab Leak Theory - 5/28/2021

Biden Admin Shut Down Probe Launched During Trump Era To Examine Wuhan Lab Leak Theory, Report Says - 5/26/2021

PolitiFact Deletes Fact Check On Wuhan Lab Leak Theory - 5/25/2021

A Group Of Online Amature Sleuths Unfaveled The Cover-Up On Evidence For The COVID Lab Leak Theory - 6/2/2021

Virologist Who Told Dr. Fauci Coronavirus Was Engineered Has Been Deleted - 6/6/2021

WHO Advisory Board Member Admits China Engaging In "Massive Cover-Up' On COVID-19 Origins - 6/8/2021

Biden's Reckoning Has Arrived After Administration Tries To Bury Study - 8/20/2021

Surgeon Fired After Speaking Out Against School Mask Mandate: 'Professionals Such As Myself Are Being Silenced' - 10/27/2021

How Bill Gates Premeditated Covid Vaccine Injury Censorhip - 3/31/2021

BlackRock And Vanguard Own The World - 6/15/2021

Who Owns Big Pharma + Big Media?  You'll Never Guess. - 6/18/2021

BlackRock And Vanguard, Own Both Big Pharma And The Media - 7/16/2021

Dr. Moss: Will I Lose My Medical License For Writing This Piece On COVID & Medical Establishment? - 2/17/2022

California Doctors Warn Against COVID-19 Censorship Bill - 2/23/2022

Report: In Leaked Audio, Former NIH Director Francis Collins Laughs Off Threatening Vaccine Refusers WIth Unemployment, Blames Trump - Not Biden - For COVID-19 Deaths - 3/8/2022

NIH Deleted COVID Info From Public View At Wuhan Researcher's Request, Emails Show - 4/2/2022

NIH Concedes It 'Suppressed' Wuhan Lab Genetic Data, But Disputes Watchdog's 'Deleted' Label - 4/2/2022

Healthcare Freedom Activits Releasing "Propaganda Exposed" Documentary May 4th - 4/30/2022

'Deep State' Was Working Against Trump On COVID-19 Response: Former HHS Adviser - 5/1/2022

Bill Seeks To Muzzle Doctors Who Tell The Truth About COVID - 5/6/2022

EXCLUSIVE: WHO Propaganda Outlet From France Attacks Gateway Pundit Reporting And Dr. Li Who Claims COVID Was Created In A Lab And Released Intentionally By China - 5/7/2022

Gavin Newsom Signs Bill Making It Easier To Punish California Doctors Who Spread COVID 'Misinformation,' Top Epidemiologist Warns: 'Chilling Interference With The Practice Of Medicine' - 10/2/2022

'We Were Censored' By White House For Pointing Out 'Huge Problems' With COVID Vaccines, Tucker Carlson Says - 1/9/2023

Federal Agencies Withholding Data Behind Pilot Heart Condition Change, COVID Vax Stroke Reversal - 1/20/2023

'Friendly Fascism': Biden White House Wanted To Censor Even Private Speech Over COVID Vax - 3/25/2023