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2020 Elections

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- Ballot Trafficking

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- Decertification

- Election Fraud

- Election Questioning

- Foreign & Domestic Interference

- Mail-In- Ballots

- Media & Big Tech

- Paused & Late Night Counting

- Supreme Court

- States

     - Arizona

     - California

     - Colorado

     - Delaware

     - Georgia

          - Absentee Ballots

          - Ballot Harvesting & Trafficking

          - Changed Votes

          - Fraudulent Votes

          - Missing & Destroyed Votes

     - Louisiana

     - Maryland

     - Michigan

     - Missouri

     - Nevada

     - New Hampshire

     - New Mexico

     - New York

     - North Carolina

     - Ohio

     - Pennsylvania

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     - Wisconsin

          - Election Fraud

          - Mark Zuckerberg Drop Boxes

          - Ballot Trafficking

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